Sometimes the stars seem to align when you least expect it.

I have always been in love with metals. As a child I can remember creating things out of all sorts of random objects. I was incredibly lucky to be raised in a creative family where art was always encouraged. As the oldest of 9 children, I can tell you the projects never stopped! My mom was a most tolerant, nurturing, amazing and talented woman.

I have often had people tell me I should sell my work. Now, as a busy mom of 6 young kids, I never thought this would be the time. But the stars seem to have aligned. Ellie Tree was born because I wanted to share the things I love to make. In particular, I love to create unique pieces for people I care about. I love to give gifts – and to get them too! I hope others will enjoy giving and receiving my work.

The name “Ellie Tree” comes from a very special person. She was our little Ellie, who would have been born in the fall of 2014, but who now watches over our family from heaven. Losing her was devastating, but God brings good from everything. I learned much about love and compassion, and that it is so important to commemorate life’s significant moments – the good and the difficult. Whether it’s celebrating a birth, mourning a loss or anything in between, if I could offer one message it is this: Every life is precious.

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